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Anima Vox

A Five-Week Online Vocal Journey To

Unlock Your True Singing Potential

Anima Vox: Vocal Activation

Our voice is the most intimate, natural, and personal form of connection and expression. No tools or instruments are necessary. It is creation at its most subtle and organic. When we open our voices, we open our power to create new possibilities for ourselves, embracing new ways of being and embodied knowing. The voice holds the keys to our consciousness. Within each one of us lies the power to create, sustain, and transform. Learning the secrets of vocalizing brings us closer to this power, enhancing our music, art, and everyday lives.

Vocalizing is the ultimate tool for self-discovery and transcendence, offering an inner massage for our self. Vibrating our being promotes wellness, as life and health are dynamic and breathing. Caring for and freeing our voice is one of the best forms of self-love and nourishment. I truly believe in the regenerative powers of singing. Singing brings us together, lifts spirits, and instills life, a flush in the cheeks, and a sparkle in the eyes.

What do we hear when we listen to the feeling of simply being here and now? There is a presence—the "I am" within, which animates and breathes us. The more we tune into our nature that breathes, the more we learn to listen to our center and express from this deepest part of ourselves. From the ethereal unstruck, we vocally manifest vibrations that profoundly affect both the listener and the vocalist.

During this five-week course, we will journey together, exploring all this and more. From anatomy to proper singing techniques, through releasing vocal blockages, we will transform and unlock our true singing potential.

Course Structure

Five Weeks, Five Zoom Sessions: Participate in five interactive Zoom sessions for personalized feedback and support.

Learn techniques to overcome vocal barriers, boost creativity, address challenges, and review your progress.

Self-Learning Modules: Progress through detailed lessons, engaging video tutorials, and practical exercises at your own pace. Build your vocal foundations, technique, and confidence.

Final Zoom Meeting: Wrap up the course with a final live session to showcase your improvements, ask questions, and celebrate your achievements.

Course Highlights

  • Foundations of Singing: In-depth training on pitch, tone, and vocal control.

  • Yoga of Singing and Breathing: Enhance your singing with breath control and the interconnectedness of body and voice.

  • Fun Vocal Exploration: Enjoy exercises that inspire creativity and expression.

  • Understanding the Voice-Body Connection: Explore how your voice, physical, and emotional well-being are interconnected.

  • Methods of Overcoming Blockages: Techniques to identify and overcome barriers hindering your vocal and creative expression.

Additional Features

  • Community Support: Join a supportive community of fellow learners to share your journey, exchange tips, and provide encouragement.

  • Bonus Materials: Access exclusive bonus content, including practice tracks, downloadable resources, and expert tips.

Who Should Join?

All levels are welcome, and beginners are especially encouraged! No prior musical experience is needed. If you're ready to feel more alive than ever, break through your barriers, and unlock your full potential in a fun and supportive environment, this course is for you!

Join Anima Vox and transform your voice today!

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Presented by

Inana Lu Rose

“Her gorgeous voice is pure, powerful, otherworldly... authentic in its ethnic elegance; world-class in its perfection” - Sweetwater Sound


“For me the vocal activation was a step in facing a fear that I’ve had in personal expression for a long time. To feel that it was a safe enough container to open up and to express my feelings and my voice was amazing. I had the inspiration of Inana guide us through the process and it was beautiful.” - Andrew P.
“It was powerful. She really allowed and held space for me to open up, free myself from my inhibitions, release and allow myself to be heard. I felt very supported and inspired.” - Alisha P.
“I just experienced such a blissful release of emotions and energy through sound, music and movement. When I was a child I was told never to sing, so my whole life I’ve been restrained about letting my voice out, and this was so liberating and it was so beautiful." - Ivana K.
"It allowed me to express emotions that were pent up. Though the music, through the healing, through the chants, I felt connection, I felt love, I felt peace." - Aaron F.
“I really loved this workshop, it was really amazing. It helped me open my voice, my inner voice, voice of child, and I felt my soul." - Kseniya D.
"The vocal activation took you from the core of your experience in order to make sound and tapped into something that we’re all capable of doing but we’re very blocked and unable to access it. It helps shed away the chains around the voice, lift the sounds out of your body, and helps connect to your own potential. It was very inspiring and I feel uplifted afterwards.” - Christo S., musician
“I really loved her chant instruction and how it opened up everyone. The energy and the vibe was absolutely amazing and it really is a beautiful way to find our voice. I appreciate her so much for what she’s doing here, and what she’s doing for the planet.” - Suzanne M.
“It was very beautiful, opening, very informative, a really creative and knowledge expanding experience. A beautiful time.” - Sean D.
“For me it was about being able to connect with myself in a new way that helps me honor myself, and I wanted to do it through music and voice, and through her music. I’m definitely feeling a lot more of internal strength and internal honor, which was what I was seeking so thank you!"- Leissan K.
“I feel vocally and spiritually released! I love singing, I’ve sung for years. I’ve had negative feedback and that shied me away so I stuck to shower singing, and this made me more confident!” - Ivan G.
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